OFFICE OF PSN National Nematological Research Centre,

University of Karachi, Karachi 75270- Pakistan

National Nematological Research Centre (NNRC), University of Karachi, is a leading research and educational institute dedicated to the generation, acquisition of knowledge about Nematology in Pakistan. NNRC was established in 1974 by Dr. M.A. Maqbool, the founding father, and now has come to symbolize as an efficient, dynamic and forward looking research centre in Pakistan. NNRC is the only research as well as academic centre, which generate highly trained human resource through M.Phil/ Ph.D. degree program. The main vision of NNRC is to grow healthy crops that are free from the attack of nematode pests, for this purpose free advisory services are offering to the end user through field trainings, providing informative booklets and manuals. NNRC has well equipped laboratories for the work on fundamental and applied research on plant parasitic, free-living soil, fresh water, marine and entomopathogenic nematodes. NNRC also has three large modernize equipped research laboratories for advanced molecular taxonomy of all groups of nematodes, mass production of EPNs and formulation of these biocontrol agents as  biopesticides and it owns many national and international patents.