1. NAME: The society shall be known as “Pakistan Society of Nematologists”
  2. PLACE: The office of the society will be located at Karachi

a) To promote the cause of nematology in Pakistan.

b) To disseminate the knowledge of nematology and its applications.

c) To facilitate free interchange of information and ideas between nematologists both within and outside the country.

d) To enable the Nematologists to play their role in the development of science and technology in the country

  1. MEMBERSHIP: There shall be four types of memberships:

a) FOUNDER MEMBER: All those who constitute and establish the society will be the founder members. They will also be the life members.

b) FULL MEMBERS: Any scientist, who is actively engaged in the nematological research, is eligible to become a full member of the society. Membership will be for a calendar year. Formal applications for membership may be submitted along with the subscription fees at any time during the year. The executive council, after careful scrutiny of the applications will vote for the selection of the candidate for full membership. The executive council may reject any application for membership.

c) STUDENT MEMBERS: Any student of nematology or plant pathology who is working towards a graduate degree can apply for student membership. They will pay half the subscription of a full member. This privilege will be available only for a maximum period of two years.

d) HONORARY MEMBERS: Only renowned scientists who promote the development of the society and who are interested in the promotion of the aims of the society at large could be offered honorary membership by the executive council. A full member may become a life member by donating an amount of Rs. 1,000/- ($ 150 or £ 75 for overseas members)

  1. ELIGIBILITY: Membership will be open to any scientist having the degree of B.Sc. Agriculture, M.Sc. or above, who is either working or has an interest in any one of the areas of plant nematology, mentioned as under: Taxonomy, Genetics, Applied Biology, Soil relations, Biochemistry and control.
  2. PRIVILEGE OF MEMBERS: Members shall have the right to vote at all meetings of the society and to propose candidates for admission to the society. They shall be entitled, so long as their annual subscriptions are not in arrears, to receive such publications of the society as the council may determine. Voting by proxy shall not be permissible.

i) The admission fee shall be Rs. 10/- ($ 4.0 or £ 2.0 for overseas members).

ii) The annual subscription of members shall be Rs. 15/- ($ 4.0 or £ 2.0 for overseas members) payable in advance and shall become due on 15th of January every year. Members and institutional subscribers shall have to bear the bank commission in cases of out station chouse.

iii) Members whose subscriptions happen to be in arrears for more than a year shall be excluded from the privileges of membership until they have paid their arrears. A list of all such members, showing the amount due from them, shall be submitted by the General Secretary to the President at each Annual Meeting and it shall be read out at the request of any member present in the meeting.

iv) Towards the end of the year the Treasurer shall send a reminder to every member whose subscription is in arrears and if the arrears are for more than two year’s standing the member’s name will be automatically removed from the society’s register. Three months notice shall be given before actually removing the names.

v) Those members who are in arrears of subscription for two and more years and whose names have been struck off the rolls of membership, shall be eligible for readmission provided half the admission fee together with two year’s subscription according to the rate current in the years they have been defaulters are paid. Such members will however, be considered as readmitted members


i) The permanent headquarter of the society shall be at Karachi.

ii) There shall be an executive council which will be responsible to carry on all the affairs of the society.

iii) The Executive Council shall consist of: The President, Vice President, General Secretary-cum-Treasurer, Joint Secretary and five Councilors. All except the Joint Secretary will be elected by the General Body. The Chief Editor shall be ex-officio member of the council.

iv)The General Secretary shall be elected from the place where the headquarter of the society is located. The Joint Secretary will be selected by the Secretary with the Concurrence of the President. All the office bearers shall be elected for a period of two years. Any vacancy occurring within the period of two years will be treated as interim vacancy.

v) All elections to the offices of the society shall take place at the Annual General Meeting (herein after described interim vacancies being filled up by the Executive Council). Voting for the election of office bearers shall be by ballot, the ballot papers being sent by post to the General Secretary who will open them at the General Meeting. Necessary formalities in connection with the elections (inviting nominations, dispatch of ballot papers etc.) will be completed by the General Secretary one month in advance of the dates prescribed for voting.

vi) The General Secretary shall be responsible for recording the proceedings of the meeting of the Society and of the Council, and for conducting the business of the Society.

vii) The Treasurer shall keep the accounts, shall receive deposits and disburse money on behalf of the society according to the directions of the Council. viii)The funds of the society shall be in the name of Pakistan Society of Nematologists operated jointly be the Secretary-cum-Treasurer and any member of the council appointed by the President and would make payments endorsed by the Secretary in respect of bills not exceeding Rs. 200/-. Bills for sums in excess of this amount shall be jointly endorsed by the Secretary and the President before they will be valid for payment.

xi) a) There shall be a reserve fund of the society. b) All the admission fees received shall form the reserve fund. c) The reserve fund should not be used on recurring items. d) The Executive Council by decision of the general body by two-third majority can sanction any expenditure out of the reserve fund but not exceeding 50%.

x) The time of retirement of the office bearers shall be immediately after the close of the Annual Meeting.

xi) All accounts of the society shall be audited annually by a Chartered Accountant. The Treasurer shall submit to the chartered accountant by the end of March each year the accounts of the society for the previous year for the purpose of auditing. The financial year of the society shall be the calendar year. The Auditor’s statement of accounts shall be circulated to all the members before the Annual General Meeting.

  1. MEETINGS OF THE COUNCIL: i) Council meetings shall be held periodically at the discretion of the President or at the request of one third of the members of the Council. ii) The date and time of holding each meeting of the Council shall be notified by the General Secretary to each member of the Council at least two weeks before the date on which such meetings are to be held. Non-receipt of such notice by any member of the Council shall in no way invalidate the proceedings of the meeting. Fifty percent of the members of the Council shall form a quorum.
  2. MEETING OF THE SOCIETY: i) Ordinary meetings of the society shall be presided over by the President or, in his absence, by the Vice President or by one of the members of the Council present or by a member elected at the meetings. ii) An extraordinary meeting of the society will be called if one-third of the ordinary members of the society send a signed requisition to the General Secretary for such a meeting.
  3. ACTIVITY OF THE SOCIETY: The society will organize seminars, symposia and training courses on topics related to Nematology and with special reference to national and international priorities

i) The society shall publish a nematological journal to be entitled “Pakistan Journal of Nematology”. There shall be a Chief Editor who is elected by the General Body and he will be assisted by an Editorial Board of three or more members who will be nominated by him in consultation with the President. One volume will be published in two parts appearing in March and September each year.

ii) A panel of referees consisting of specialists shall be set up whose services shall be utilized for scrutinizing the papers received for publication.

iii) The subscription to the “Pakistan Journal of Nematology” from nonmembers shall be Rs. 50/- in Pakistan and $ 10 / £ 5 abroad, inclusive of postage.


i) A member may withdraw from the society by signifying his desire to do so in a letter addressed to the Secretary. The society however shall not be liable to return any fee that may have been paid by the member in advance.

ii) A member who has withdrawn and whose subscription is not in arrears shall automatically recover the privileges of membership without reelection, if he joins the society within a year of withdrawal. He shall however be liable to pay all dues as if he had not withdrawn at all.

iii) The General Body shall have power to remove any member of the society from its rolls.


i) The above rules may be amended at any Annual General Meeting or at an extraordinary general meeting of the society, called for the purpose, by a two third majority vote of the members present.

ii) Proposals for an amendment of these rules may be made either by the Council or by any member duly seconded. In the latter case, it must reach the Secretary in writing in time for circulation to all members of the Society at least one month before the extra-ordinary meeting or by the end of October for the Annual Meeting.

iii) The Council may, with the sanction of the Society, frame or alter bye-laws for the working of the society not inconsistent with its rules.